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Central Valley Youth Wrestling Association is a collaboration of many of central California's most active wrestling teams.  Our membership continue to expand in numbers and quality as the State becomes better, so are we.  CVYWA is devoted to readying our youth wrestlers for the next level... sooner!
The Past:
CVYWA began as Central Valley Junior High Wrestling Association 40 years ago.  The goal then was to have an outlet for our Jr. High aged wrestlers to compete folkstyle wrestling during late fall and winter.  During those years, events were scarce and team travel was almost non existent so CVJHWA was created to help remedy these problems.  The idea was simple, mimic the central valley High School season.  

Events during this time were far and few.  During the season, at the helm of helping this was Reedley Invitational and John Muir Invitational.  These 2 events were the events to attend in Central California for many years.  Not only were these the best ones we offered, but they were 2 of 3 qualifiers for the once thought of State Championships, NorCal TOC.  The other, our postseason series of League, Divisionals, and Valley mimicked HS series that lead to TOC.   
The Future:

The youth wrestling scene has exploded the past few years.  We like to think that CVJHWA was at the forefront of helping that happen.  15 years ago, we created Central Valley Elementary Wrestling Association (CVEWA) to introduce more of our younger elementary wrestlers to a system that they would soon see at Jr. High and HS.  From 8 teams at the beginning.... mostly scattered at the time, we now have close to 40 teams from throughout CenCal.  That expansion, better coaching, great communication between association members has been the story of our teams success.  

10 years ago, we did another change that has helped solidify our importance in CenCal  and State wrestling scene.  We decided to combine CVJHWA and CVEWA into one body... now known as Central Valley Youth Wrestling Association (CVYWA) which caters to K-8th .  This merger has helped create a strong union of teams and members as good as anywhere in the state.  New teams are being created yearly in towns or cities that never had them and they are getting good fast.  

Not only has competition gotten better... so has our events.  With State and Regional events like California Republic, Republic State Duals, New Year's Bash, we have a strong core of events that attract many in state and out of state wrestlers.  Our other events like Quintana Classic, Dinuba Jr. Invite, John Muir Invite, Corcoran Duals have all been around 10-20+ years and we have many more trying to give the wrestling community the best of them.  

Our goal is simple... Get our kids better sooner... CVYWA is doing that as well as anyone in the Nation.