Central Valley Youth Wrestling Association
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Coaching Pioneers of CVYWA

Haskell Hensen- Roosevelt MS (Selma)

CVYWA Wrestlers in College
Isaiah Martinez- Lemoore Jr. Tigers (Illinois)
Javier Gasca- Rafer Johnson of Kingsburg (Michigan St)
Marina Doi- Rafer Johnson of Kingsburg (King University)
​Regina Doi- Rafer Johnson of Kingsburg (King University)
​Mason Penguilly- Burton of Porterville (Stanford)
Adrian Gomez- John Muir of Corcoran (Fresno City/Brewton-Parker Georgia)
​Adrian Panduro- John Muir of Corcoran (Cal State Bakersfield)
Mark Trevino- John Muir of Corcoran (Fresno City)
​Jose 'Pepe' Mendoza- Abe Lincoln of Selma  (Cal State Bakersfield)
Archie Tovar - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Fresno City)
AJ Valles - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Simpson University)
Justin Lozano - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Menlo) 
Biri Mendoza - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Southwestern-Oregon)
Amber Quintana- Abe Lincoln of Selma (Southwestern-Oregon)
Angelo Quintana- Abe Lincoln of Selma (Northwestern -Iowa)
Nick Escalera - Abe Lincoln of Selma (SF State)
Nikk Pena - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Cornell)
Alex Cisneros - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Cornell)
Joey Alvarez - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Clakamas-Oregon)
Ruben 'Pappas' Garcia - Abe Lincoln of Selma (Mckendree University-Illinois)